Ground Truths

The NILGIRI Foundation, a local NGO associated with the Umbrella Programme on Natural Resource Management or UPNRM has supported communities and 22 villages of Guntur to set up commercially viable organic fertilizer production units which can generate 90 tonnes of vermi-compost per year. Along with vermi- composting, the communities produce, sell and use panchagavya – a growth stimulant and immunity booster and neem extract that acts as a natural pesticide. Farmers here in Guntur have initiated a process that is replicable and scalable all over India. They are shaping the future of generations – an environmentally friendly and prosperous future.

Name : Ground Truths – GIZ
Published : Jun 28, 2016
Duration : 3:05

Ship Breaking

A film on the ship breaking industry in Bangladesh. The film covers the process of ship breaking, the working conditions of the people in the ship breaking industry as well as the decline of the ship breaking industry in Bangladesh.

Name : Ship Breaking
Published : Jan 29, 2016
Duration : 16:11

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