Doorways To Health

Deep into the rural districts of Telengana, Karimnagar is an Open Defication Free village. People here have been inspired by intensive campaigns. The journey was not an easy one, the real challenge was not just to construct the toilets but to convince people to use these toilets. Door to door campaigns were initiated to gain trust and instil faith; eventually the programme reached new heights after it became a people’s movement. Karimnagar has emerged as a stable and sustainable model of collective participation in ODF replicable for the entire nation.

Name : Doorways To Health
Published : Jun 17, 2017
Duration : 7:20

Health Outreach

In India, patients from low income group often have to postpone treatment due to various reasons, including lack of awareness, facilities, infrastructure, and affordability of health care facilities. To address these issues, a number of social enterprises in India have developed innovative models. GVK EMRI runs a fleet of over ten thousand 108 ambulances across India. Innovative health outreach models introduced by social enterprises are well equipped to deliver last mile health service to the Indian hinterlands.

Name : Health Outreach
Published : Apr 17, 2017
Duration : 4:22


A film about the impact of price-cap on stents and its commendable benefits on low and middle-income patients. Stories of measures taken by the NPPA and the
processes involved. Stories of hope, happiness and celebration …

Name : NPPA
Published : May 21, 2017
Duration : 6:15

Shikha Story

Shikha Patra is a feisty, young health activist from Kolkata. She belongs to a family of migrant slum dwellers. Prayasam; a Kolkata based NGO, gave Shikha the freedom to express herself. Shikha is an area health minder, conducting health awareness campaigns in the slums. Through her efforts she has touched the lives of thousands of slum children.

Name : Umeedon Ki Udaan: Shikha Patra
Published : Mar 23, 2015
Duration : 3:00

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