Faith Revisited

India, traditionally, nurtures an environmentally-sensitive philosophy. It is evident through the nation’s culturally rich and breathtaking variety of religious and epic texts, that contain within them one of the earliest messages of environmental and ecological balance. Nature has never been considered by Indians as a hostile element to be conquered — we still teach our children to live in harmony with nature and recognize that divinity prevails in all elements, including plants and animals. Vestiges of many of these traditions are still living in our rituals and practices, both in the urban and rural contexts. The film captures this organic traditional wisdom of conserving environment through nature worship.

Name : Faith Revisited
Published : Jul 2, 2016
Duration : 25:26

The Land of Vanishing Lakes

With rapid and ruthless deforestation and degeneration of natural pastures on the Aravalli hills and their slopes, there are increased occurrence of erratic rainfall today that has resulted into excessive surface run-off, soil erosion and soil transportation. The worst impact is observed in its conversion into rocky structures and consequently into ‘Rocky Desert’. Another impact is the rapidly depleting ground water resources. Water bodies that were prominent even a couple of decades back have now dried up. Rampant urbanization is drawing in excessive groundwater, leaving the hills and its ecosystem high and dry. The film talks about illegal mining in these areas and its effect on the ecosystem of Aravalli.

Name : The Land of Vanishing Lakes
Published : Nov 21, 2011
Duration : 21:17

The Lost Forest

Our film describes in detail the ecological importance of the forest for the national capital region – as a source of fresh air, catchment area for ground-water replenishment and a unique and representative natural biodiversity park. This forest land suddenly became hot property – immediately after Gurugram started making its presence felt as a suburb on steroids – the millennium city. Construction companies flocked in to acquire this prime property, but couldn’t make a dent in Mangarbani, because the Gujjar communities there believe that their forest is sacred. It was their fierce determination that saved this unique treasure-trove of biodiversity from eventual extinction – which, we believe, makes this a great people’s success story. The state government has finally declared it a no-construction zone, along with the 1,200-acre buffer around it. In our film, we seek to document the emotions, the process followed and the outcome – to present a replicable model of sustainable growth and survival for other such biodiversity hotspots of India.

Name : The Lost Forest
Published : Jan 13, 2013
Duration : 21:00

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