Geological Survey of India

Geological Survey of India- India, A country with one of the world’s most remarkable geological terrain.  A land with one of the oldest and youngest mountain ranges on the planet, arid deserts and deep oceans. Hidden among them are layers and layers of nature’s history. Over the years, a group of dedicated scientists, researchers and technical experts have dedicated their efforts towards collecting and decoding such histories. With single minded focus, they carry on each day of their life to explore, analyze, and bring to light the fascinating secrets that are hidden in the deep reserves of the earth. They are the Geological Survey of India.

Name : Geological Survey of India
Published : Feb 18, 2014
Duration : 6:32

Spark Minda

A story that began five decades ago has now reached a pinnacle of success. SPARK MINDA has incorporated a number of technological innovations to emerge as a top manufacturer of automotive components from India. The groups dedicated Marketing Company – Minda Automotive Solutions Ltd. is moving ahead with a robust AFTERMARKET strategy. With more than 400 distributors catering to more than 15000 retailers, we touch the lives of more than 30000 mechanics across India. This gets supported by our massive warehouse space – measuring 40000 square feet, one of the best IT ERP systems, and a dedicated sales team of more than 100 people. The streamlined system ensures that SPARK MINDA products are delivered to the farthest nook and corner of the nation. The maximum time this should take should be a week.

Name : Spark Minda 
Published : Oct 8, 2014
Duration : 5:13


A film tracking India’s National growth which depends critically on the growth of Indian Railways. The world’s largest passenger carrier and 4th largest railway network – the railways in India transports millions of people and millions of tonnes of freight. It binds our nation of variety like nothing else can. Evolution of rail infrastructure remains a critical and inevitable factor to retain India’s impetus of growth.

Name : Prag
Published : Jul 6, 2017
Duration : 4:41


India is on the fast-track of development. This rapid pace of growth depends a lot on ready access to energy. To make the India of our dreams we need to store our energy resources for lean times. Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited is all about building Energy Security for our nation. This special purpose vehicle was set up in January 2004 – to build and operate the strategic reserves for our country.

Name : ISPRL 
Published : Oct 1, 2015
Duration : 4:04

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