Ishani Dutta

Producer, Director

At the heart of Carrot Films is Ishani K Dutta, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in television media. Her journey began with Zee TV in the 1990s, where she honed her skills in News and Current Affairs programming. With a passion for effective communication, Ishani established Carrot Films, driven by her true calling to direct documentaries that delve deep into subjects, connecting with people on environmental, health, and social issues. As the Chief Producer, Ishani ensures each project maintains the highest standards of excellence and a people-centric approach. Carrot Films' impactful storytelling and commitment to positive change have positioned them as a prominent industry player under Ishani's leadership.

Ashish Dutta

Producer, Director

Equipped with an MBA degree and a disciplined approach, Ashish Dutta brings technical finesse to Carrot Films. As our resident techno-geek and cinematographer, he embraces new technologies, ensuring our productions stay at the cutting edge. Ashish's expertise in short films captures viewers' attention in today's fast-paced era, delivering impactful messages concisely. Responsible for all technical aspects, he adds visual excellence to our projects, pushing boundaries and engaging audiences with high-quality, compelling storytelling.

Mohd Farman

Video Editor

Mohd Farman, our highly experienced video editor, has been an invaluable member of Carrot Films for over a decade. With meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of the craft, Farman brings a level of expertise that elevates our post-production process. His artistic vision and technical finesse enhance the quality of our films, captivating audiences with each project. Farman's dedication and talent have made him an indispensable asset to our team, consistently delivering exceptional editing that leaves a lasting impact.

Shreya Seth

Writer, Director

Shreya, is a passionate writer-director with a profound love for storytelling. With a background in sociology, she skillfully crafts captivating narratives that explore complex social issues. Fueled by her unwavering dedication to gender equality, Shreya strives to offer a unique feminine perspective to all her projects, aiming to inspire transformative change. Beyond her cinematic endeavors, Shreya finds solace in the wonders of the cosmos and the company of her furry friends.

Sukriti Sikdar

Director, Editor

Sukriti, is a talented director and editor with an unyielding commitment to perfection and a keen eye for detail. With a hands-on approach, Sukriti excels in multitasking and effortlessly manages all facets of post-production. Her expertise lies in seamlessly weaving together visual elements, sound, and storytelling to create captivating cinematic experiences.

Sinchita Hom Choudhury

Script Writer, Research and Direction

A rebel's heart, a poet's soul, a hopeless romantic from the start With words as her canvas, Sinchita weaves enchanting art. Sinchita is a lone wolf at Carrot Films, where her passion for researching and delving into the depths of human emotions shines through. With a unique ability to unearth the extraordinary within the ordinary, she crafts scripts that captivate and inspire. A masterful problem solver with a keen analytical mind, Sinchita transforms challenges into opportunities for cinematic brilliance.

Abhishek Halder


Meet Abhishek, our highly skilled cinematographer with a 5-year track record of excellence. His keen eye for detail and artistic flair have made him a sought-after professional in the industry. From Documentary films to feature films, Abhishek's work showcases his versatility and ability to bring stories to life through visuals. With a passion for innovation, he continues to push boundaries and create captivating cinematic experiences.

Uddhav Goswami

Video Editor

Meet Uddhav, an experienced video editor skilled in crafting compelling visual narratives. Adept at implementing creative edits, enhancing audio, and optimizing video quality. Passionate about delivering impactful stories through the art of editing.

Joydeep Tanti

Graphic Designer, Video Editor

Joydeep Tanti is a skilled graphic designer and editor with 4 years of experience. With an innate sense of visual aesthetics and a keen eye for detail, He breathes life into projects through captivating designs and precise editing. He combines creativity and expertise to deliver stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Aparna Pathak

Writer, Assistant Director

Meet Aparna, a versatile talent at Carrot Films. As a writer and assistant director, she brings stories to life and keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes. With her creativity and organizational skills, she creates captivating films that leave a lasting impact. Aparna's passion and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the team, adding a touch of magic to every project at Carrot Films.

Kshitij Pandey

Assistant Director, Writer

Kshitij is an ardent assistant director and writer at Carrot Films. He holds a deep conviction in the profound beauty and ephemeral nature of reality. To him, each passing moment is a precious gem, deserving to be preserved and cherished. With documentary filmmaking as his chosen medium, Kshitij skillfully captures these fleeting glimpses, immortalizing their essence on film.

Tanmoy Halder

Office Assistant

Tanmoy Halder, our invaluable office assistant, has been an integral part of Carrot Films for the past 9 years. With unwavering dedication and a meticulous approach, Tanmoy provides invaluable support in managing office operations and ensuring smooth workflow.

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